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H&M USA Gelato Ice Cream Machine and Equipment, Your Best Choice For Gelato Ice Cream Business

High Quality Gelato Ice Cream Machines


Why H&M Gelato Machines?

Advanced Technology

1.Soft start and stop technology result in much longer life time for both
dasher motor and compressor.

2.Higher efficiency for both pasteurizer and freezer.
We take the advantage of soft-transmit design. The heat can be transmitted in the 100% surface and much enhances the heat-transmit-efficiency while others use an old design, the efficiency can be 50% less. And for their batch freezers, this old design will definitely cause ice appear in the ice cream (gelato). Ice will cause the dasher unbalance when beating. Also this will effect the life time for both dasher and dasher motor.

3.Soft pasteurizer technology results in free from mix burnt.

4.Soft freezing technology result in free from mix over frozen.
The old design use the electric-heating-elements directly cook the mix in the tank, you can believe it will cause the mix over burn.Sometimes the mix totally wasted and mostly the mix taste not so good. Since the heat-transmit is worked by directly contact, the old design pasteurizer can cause the mix frozen on the top of the mix.

5.Water and electric power saving technology.
H&M machine has more powerful working ability even with same
named capacity, and save water (for cooling the compressor) and electric power.

6.Available and easy maintenance for pasteurizer-heating-elements.

All the machines can break; the designer should think more about the
maintenance after something goes wrong. Everyone can recover a H&M pasteurizer in 30 minutes with the spare heater comes with the machines if the heater broken. But for an old design pasteurizer, you need to send it back to his factory or throw it away if the heater broken. The heater is fixed to the tank wall. It's very complicated to get it repaired.

7.All the operations and performance of our machines are exactly similar to Italy machines.



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