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OEM Service

Q1: What is our official definition
Q1: What is our official definition of an OEM?
       of an OEM? We defines an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) as an entity or organization that
Q2: What are the key differences integrates a customized or embedded our product in its own unique solution for sale to its
       between a Traditional VAR customers. The proof of this concept is that our product must be significantly
       business model and an OEM transformed. The OEM Partner primarily uses its own company logo and brand name on its
       model? solution and it markets, sells and provides technical and warranty support directly to its
Q3: What baseline requirements customers.
       does an OEM Partner need to
Q2: What are the key differences between a Traditional VAR business model and an OEM
       meet in order to be authorized


       by us?
A traditional VAR (Value-Added Reseller) will typically load a proprietary application and/or
Q4: Can Value-Added Resellers
incorporate Third Party options and resell the product under our brand name to their
       apply to become OEM?
customer base. An OEM will significantly transform our Product and resell the bundled
Q5: What is the process to become
or embedded product as their own solution under their brand name. The OEM seller can add
       our Authorized OEM
their own Concept and Technology/Patent onto our original products. Of course
we cannot use any of their own Concept and Technology/Patent.
Q6: Are our Authorized OEM
Q3: What baseline requirements does an OEM Partner need to meet in order to be
       Partners same to Exclusive
       authorized by us?
       Distributor? The following are the baseline requirements for our OEM Partner:
Q7: Can we Authorized OEM Submit a completed Global OEM Application Form.
       Partners purchase our Submit an ownership certification for its Brand (and Logo).
       Products directly from us or Submit an ownership certification for its technology/patent if needed.
       from our Authorized We will not give up the ownership of its Patent and Brand to global or certain territory OEM
       Distributor? Partners.
Q8: Is there any extra cost for your OEM will not resell or expose the special pricing on out productions as a separate line
       OEM request? item from their solution to their end customers.
  OEM is responsible for installation, maintenance and providing 1st Level Support (at a
  minimum) to their end customers via their own support and warranty services.
  OEM adds to our productions a substantial amount of the OEM Value-Added Solution
  as a fully integrated and inseparable element of the OEM Product and resells the solution
  under its own OEM brand name. Other criteria applies, such as selling primarily face-to-face
  with full ownership for the sales & marketing cycle, sales-out reporting to us, no traditional
   Reseller rebates available.
Q4: Can Value-Added Resellers apply to become OEM?
  Value-Added Resellers may apply to become our OEM Partner via the OEM Application
  Form process. In the event that we approves the VAR as our OEM; the VAR's OEM
  sales will not eligible for benefits associated with out  Authorized Reseller Programs,
  as these are two separate and distinct business and programs offerings with separate
  partner requirements.
Q5: What is the process to become our Authorized OEM Partner?
  In order to participate in our OEM Program, partners must first submit a completed
  OEM Application form to us for initial review and pre-qualification prior to issuance of
  special OEM sell-through pricing and must agree to the terms of the Business Development
  Agreement( BDA) and OEM Custom Product Addendum. The completed and signed OEM
  application form with required documentation should be mailed to oem@hmcompanyusa.com
Q6: Are we Authorized OEM Partners same to Exclusive Distributor?
  No, all our OEM Partners are not Exclusive Distributors global and/or territory of us.

Q7: Can we Authorized OEM Partners purchase our Products directly from us

or from our Authorized Distributor?
  Yes, we authorized OEM Partners have the flexibility to purchase either directly from
  us or from our Authorized Distributor. The process for becoming Authorized OEM
  Partner (as outlined in Question #5 herein) will be followed whether the product is sourced
  from us or from Authorized Distributor.
Q8: Is there any extra cost for your OEM request?
  Usually extra cost 35$ if the quantity is less than 10.
  Cost free (including special panel, logo and operation manual etc.) if the quantity is more than
  10 machines.