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 Combo Machine (Freezing + Pasteurizing)

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Very compact and efficient design, one machine can easy to serve qualified premium ice cream with pasteurization and freezing together. The patented blender is the key to making smooth texture and proper overrun ice cream. The controller combined with excellent experience of gelato making. The built-in 4 programs: TIMER, HARDNESS, TEMPERATURE and DEVELOPER, they are fantastic for daily standard operation, also perfect flexible for developing new desert products.


Divided in two parts: a hot part for pasteurizing and a cold part for batch freezing.
Two speeds, low for Italian gelato and high for high overrun American ice cream.
Easy control panel, electronically controlled through a few simple buttons.
Automatic performance based on a series of predetermined functions in a rapid and repetitive way .
Unique designed evaporator with gas finely dispersed to “Multipoint” around cylinder.
Patent dasher with high performance, easy to clean and replace.
Hardness-control-system, precisely control the status of mixer.
Vertical heating tub with outside transfer tube, easy for operating, cleaning and maintenance.
Designed with safety devices to protect the operator and the machine from dangers.
Practical built-in water hose allowing easier and faster cleaning.
Automatic audible alarm signals when a process is done.
R404a refrigerate gas.




MODEL Capacity Freezer Mix used Cooling Power Spec Installed Net Dimension (mm) Net Weight
HotMixTank Freezer Min. Max. Power
Liter Liter Liter Liter Volt/Ph/Hz Amp W D H Kg
M5C 3 5 1.5 3.5 Air 220/1/60 30 400 720 825 142
M10C 7 10 3 7 Water 220/3/60 30 600 830 1400 343
M15C 10 15 5 10 Water 220/3/60 30 600 870 1400 355
M20C 14 20 6 14 Water 220/3/60 30 600 960 1500 395
M30C 20 30 10 20 Water 220/3/60 40 600 960 1500 460


*The Batch time and Hour ability may various for the different mix used and cooling condition. ** Condenser: water-cooled/ or air/cooled.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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